At Dynamic Branding we believe that workshops are a fun, engaging and productive approach to solving problems, generating ideas and inspiring your team. While we can design and facilitate bespoke sessions based on your brand’s needs, the following workshops are ready-to-go and are proven winners:

Brand Purpose - Finding Your Why
Today’s consumers are seeking companies that share their values and have a clearly defined motivation beyond profit. This workshop will help your brand emotionally connect by exploring your brand values and defining your brand purpose.

Brand Promise - Finding Your Edge

Brands succeed by having a clearly defined role in consumers’ lives and a concisely expressed value proposition. This workshop will help your brand separate itself from the rest of the category by discovering your unfair advantage.

Brand Personality - Finding Your Voice

Strong brands possess a consistent and authentic voice that reflects their underlying personality. This workshop will unearth your personality archetype and attributes and determine how to bring them to life through communications.

Behavior Design - Inspiring Action

Understanding how behavior happens is the key to inspiring your audience to take the high-value behaviors that will grow your brand. In this workshop we’ll employ the science of behavior design to identify barriers and design solutions that will spark the behavior change your brand needs.

High-Intensity Brainstorm - Generating Breakthrough Ideas

High-intensity brainstorming is an ideation session like no other, specifically designed to keep teams engaged and develop actionable ideas. In this workshop we’ll use inspirational stimulus and a speed-dating approach to generate an incredible amount of great brand ideas in a short amount of time.

Creative Strategy - Getting to Great Briefs

Writing inspirational creative briefs requires transforming what the brand needs to say into what the consumer wants to hear. This workshop will dig deep into insights and creative strategy to reveal the secret to crafting breakthrough creative briefs that solve problems and inspire memorable work.