The funny thing about working in advertising is that sometimes you end up in the ads themselves. Many years ago a client asked me to narrate some radio spots for them. Ever since that lucky break I've appeared in over a hundred commercials, videos and creative projects.

Now would be a good time to listen to my demo!



I know that my voice won’t be a fit for every project.  But if you think that my voice might be right for your script here’s what I can promise:

1) I’m good at taking direction.  I can provide you with a range of approaches based on your needs.  I usually can figure out what you’re trying to say even when it’s really hard to describe.

2) I’m a smooth sight reader.  This is especially helpful for keeping long scripts flowing and conversational.

3) I’m flexible with time. I can always speed up or stretch out a script without losing the intention.

4) I have a neutral accent.  Sure, I can give you either a Boston or New York accent if you need it, but my default setting is accent-less.

The truth is, I love doing voice-overs and I relish a creative challenge.  I’m friendly, professional and usually well-groomed.