Winning the Pitch

New business pitches are the lifeblood of the advertising industry. For some, pitches are terrifying. For others, pitches represent a blank canvas and the opportunity to design solutions and create ideas that can redefine a brand. At Dynamic Branding we’ve worked on - and won - hundreds of pitches over the years and can help increase your chances of winning.


Many pitches start with a Request for Proposal that asks questions about your perspective on modern branding and marketing and your approach to strategy. We can help you create compelling answers that separate your agency from the pack.

Pitch Strategy

The first step to winning a pitch is to craft a pitch strategy: your unique approach towards proving that your agency is the best fit for the client and their specific business challenges. We can quickly help you to ascertain how to position yourself to win.

Creative Strategy

Upon receiving a creative pitch assignment agencies are under tremendous pressure to quickly develop a breakthrough strategy that will inspire your creative team and excite the client. We can handle all aspects of developing the creative strategy for the pitch assignment, including kicking-off your creative teams and helping to guide the creative development process.

Pitch Presentation

Great ideas require a well-told story to demonstrate their power and value. We can help you to develop a compelling and engaging presentation that engages the client and brings your ideas to life.

Pitch Evaluation

An outside perspective during the rehearsal phase of your process can be the difference between talking to yourselves and winning over the key stakeholders in the room. We’ll act as the “client in the room” and give you advice and feedback to help you streamline and perfect your presentation before it’s too late.